Jegil is a mercenary with dark skin and distinctive tattoos on his face.  He weilds a dark sword that uses a bound fairy for power.  Jegil was hired by Lacheb to prevent Koinzell, Vid, Peepi, and Altaea from crossing the border.  While attacking the party, Koinzell recognized him, calling out his name, but Jegil never ackowledged the call.  Jegil clearly did not recognize Koinzell, but he likely has some connection with Ascheriit.  This relationship is still unknown.  After briefly delaying the party, Jegil sheathed his sword and turned away, claimed that his work was done because they no longer had any possibility of boarding the ship, telling Lacheb that he would need to pay more money if Lacheb wants him to finish off the party.  Lacheb begrudgingly agreed to the demand and Jegil attacked again.  Lacheb dismissed him when Koinzell fell down into the lower dungeon of the Monastery.  As Jegil left, he thought of a memory of him and Altaea in the past (clearly lovers), and remarked that it was unexpected to meet her again in that place.  As Altaea certainly did not recognize Jegil, it's likely that he underwent a transformation of sort.

Jegil was reintroduced with slightly longer hair in chapter 109, calling himself Rangsatt.  He was hired to protect Glenn.

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